The Agile Change Playbook
The Agile Change Playbook

The Agile Change Playbook

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The ultimate guide to delivering Agile Change!

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This unique playbook is tailor made for time poor change practitioners and project people on the hook for delivering agile change!

We cover over 30 practices – all tried and tested in agile projects and organisations.

With each practice we share with you:

  • Where it originated
  • How to use it’
  • What’s good to know
  • Hints and tips
  • A template or example of how to do it

Plus a comprehensive change practitioner self-assessment AND access to a useful video to show you how to adapt your change frameworks with our 'Map, Identify, Simplify' logic using the three Agile Change Capabilities.

Brought to you by the Agile Change Leadership Institute.

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